Statistics: Top Secrets to Jump-Start Your Career

During seminars conducted through, I dispelled some myths about job searching.

Here are a few tips, taken directly from my presentation:

  1. According to a study published in the National Business Employment Weekly, you don’t always need to send your salary history when responding to a published advertisement. Stanley Wynett conducted a survey of 200 organizations. Fully 94% said they consider every cover letter and resume they receive, whether or not salary data is included (even if “required” in the advertisement). “Almost half of 100 job seekers questioned said they received phone calls from prospective employers requesting salary histories. This is a favorite tactic of employers when they like your resume, but don’t know if they can afford you,” said Wynett.
  2. Accountemps/Robert Half polled 150 executives from the nation’s 1000 largest companies. Can you believe that 70% said they spend two minutes or less reviewing an applicant’s resume? That’s why your resume and letters are so important.
  3. The same group polled 200 executives and found that 14% preferred to interview candidates at 9:00 a.m., and another 69% preferred 9-11 a.m. Now you know when to book your interview: before your interviewer’s heavy lunch and/or busy day can even get started.

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